RKW گواهینامه چاپ فلکسوگرافی اسکو فول اچ دی را برای کلیه سایتهای بسته بندی مصرف کننده دریافت می کند

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RKW گواهینامه چاپ فلکسوگرافی اسکو فول اچ دی را برای کلیه سایتهای بسته بندی مصرف کننده دریافت می کند

The RKW Group (rkw-group.com), the first global manufacturer of multipack shrink films certified for ESKO Full HD flexographic print technology, now possesses the ESKO quality seal at all of its Consumer Packaging sites. The quality seal is awarded by the Belgium-based printing specialist ESKO. RKW customers benefit from the use of the most modern print technology and the highest quality standards. The state-of-the-art technology, which can deliver razor-sharp images – even on flexible film packaging – is a true alternative to offset or gravure printing. With high-quality printed motifs, the multipack shrink films manufactured by RKW ensure a high-profile appearance of the customer products at the point of sale. In addition, they effectively transport the products’ brand messages.

“In the strongly contested beverage market, the competitive pressure that exists on the storeroom shelves is continuing to increase,” says Matthias Kaufmann, vice president of the Packaging Division and member of the Executive Board in the RKW Group. “In order to shift the products into the best possible light, and to make them more easily recognizable amongst the wide assortment of other products, the packaging must be designed to immediately convince and interest the customer as well as be able to reflect the product’s brand value.” Therefore, in the area of multipack shrink films for beverages, Kaufmann sees an even greater demand for effective advertising prints in the coming years. At any early stage, the European market leader recognized the potential of the ESKO Full HD flexographic printing process and, shortly after market launch in 2013, the certification process was kicked-off for its Consumer Packaging sites.

RKW Finland was the first site to receive the seal of approval, and in 2014 the site promptly received two awards – the EFIA award and the FTA award – for the outstanding print quality. Since the beginning of 2015, all other RKW Consumer Packaging sites in France, Spain, and Germany have gone on to fulfill the stringent criteria of the software manufacturer ESKO. RKW customers can therefore be certain that both the machines and the know-how of RKW meet the most recent technological advancements in flexographic print.

The ESKO Full HD flexographic print has an extraordinary quality that is very close to gravure or offset print. It even delivers excellent print results on shrink films in the CMYK four-color print. Using the technology, extremely fine highlights, soft transitions to zero, and rich color applications can easily be applied. The basis for this is a significantly higher resolution of 4,400 ppi in comparison to the 2,540 ppi achieved in standard flexographic printing. The structure of the half-tone dots to be printed is significantly finer. The high level of color coverage leads to brilliant prints.

“In order to also optimally execute branding strategies in film printing, the ESKO Full HD Print will develop into a key technology,” says Kaufmann.” As a pioneer in flexographic printing, we can deliver the best possible print results for the effective secondary packaging of our customers’ beverage products – whether it would be for elaborately designed motives for beer brands, natural images for bottled water, or particularly intricate designs used in order to convey the taste experience of carbonated soft drinks.”

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